Wednesday, April 11, 2007

GTADS Phalanx is underway

Well I decided that GTADS Phalanx would get its own blog site for the sake of simplicity. Moving forward most GTADS Phalanx news will be published on this page, with the exception of major news. Since many of you may not know what Phalanx will be I will dedicate this blog post to describing my vision for it.
Phalanx is a Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy game that will function in a similar fashion to Civilization and Colonization. These type of games are turned based in that during each turn a user will be able to execute certain actions, such as creating a village, attacking an enemy, etc. The twist on what separates Phalanx from other games of similar genres is the method in which players will be able to attack one another. Phalanx will be used in conjunction with Age of Empires: The Conquerors as the battleground. Instead of using stats and chance to determine the outcome of a battle, or a series of battles, Phalanx will put you in the battle. Players who are engaged in a battle will fight each other in a predefined map and the outcome of the battle will determine who wins on the map. In essence this creates a more interactive game play tying in the best of both genres.
The object of Phalanx will be to build the best empire based on a merit scoring system. This will include things such as, number of armies, battles won, territory acquired, and resources. While you play the game you will be looking after your empire, expanding your territory, forging alliances, and waging wars.

We expect that after the 1.14 release of GTADS that we will be able to shift full gear on this project as Beta Release 1.15 will include plug-in support for both the client and server side of things. We chose to use GTADS as a platform for this game because it offers the integration of a server and gameplay and would require much less code than writing it from scratch to make a standalone application. We are in the planning phase of GTADS so any and all ideas are welcome to make this game work.

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