Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maps Tilesets and Main Menus

Well I haven't been much for blogging pretty much this whole year, probably because my development on Phalanx was very sparse at best but I come bearing screenshots, information, and progress. In the past month I have really been working up the code for Phalanx. There is now a client that can connect to the XMPP network, the server can do some basic things like login, and the graphics engine is in the process of being done.

A lot of the development work that has been going into Phalanx has been a good deal of code clean up, code redesign, and framework implementations. There is a message framework that will make sending and receiving messages as clean as ever. Before I go any further let me show you the main menu of the client with its aesthetically pleasing very large icons.

Here you can see the layout is very simple and to the point. Users will be able to log into the XMPP network with 1 simple click as well as, once on, be able to access the server nodes and begin playing. On the left you can see the Preferences and also a map editor. That is one of the big things to get done as well. Phalanx will need good maps to make the game as enjoyable as possible and anyone is welcome to send them in. The map editor will be done early and packaged as a standalone program so that map making can happen as early as possible.

This screenshot while less impressive is a debut of the graphics engine component that is very actively being worked on. Right now it is just being displayed as part of a development test but it is displaying tiles in a very lovely fashion and pretty soon it will be able to load up maps.

All the code and materal is constantly being updated and is on our development site of

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