Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Map Editor done and map respository up

Here is a preview of the map editor with the new map screen overlaid. The state of the map editor rignt now is what we are going t0 use until we finish the game play. At that point, we will take a look at the map editor and see what else we can do to polish it off. The next item of work will be diving into the network code and getting back into the server and client interactions that we began with. In the following weeks we should have something along the lines of a server capable of logging in users and chatroom interactions.

Getting back to maps in general I set up a map respository on the google code site that will house many user generated maps. This will allow players to download common maps over http rather than rely too heavily on the Phalanx server. Phalanx servers will still serve maps not in the repository but users will primarily check the repository first.

As far as the tile set contest is going. I have decided to give 2 weeks more time because there have been interest in it but writing the tiles is more involved than I thought it would be.

UPDATE: Because google code has a no-delete policy I switched the repository address to http://xmpp.bluefishtech.net/phalanxrepo/ and some of the maps are already up.

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